awesome festival in berlin !

watchout :

Anton Mobin vs Dincise (electro-acoustic free improvisation)
Kro de la Bestiole (bugged TV performance)
RYBN (audiovisual noise)
Yann Hekate (experimental hiphop / downtempo)
Rinus van Alebeek vs Tzii (tapes manipulation)
Mental D-struction (ambiant atmospheric speedcore)
Kirdec (experimental breaks / field recordings)
Dasha Rush (downtempo/electronica)
Unas (8bit grindcore micropunkerotic show)
Marshall Reptilos (prophetic absynth primitive music)
Sim on Korfunkle (holygabber)
Dawamesk (darkambiant)
El Gusano Rojo (exp-noise)
Line Destruction (exp-ambiant-noise)
Company Fuck (Noise Karaoke)
Niedrowierzanie (drone improvisation with doublebass)
Christoph Fringeli (exp break djset)
Monsieur Connard (electronica/exp hiphop)
Christoph de Babalon (atmospheric dark breakcore)
1400 points de suture (zombie country from hell)
Error (oldskool electro)
Paroxysm of Anxiety (ritual darkambiant)
Bombyx (ambiantpostindustrialspeedcore with guitar)
Manécante (exp-noise-ambiant)
Lain (fondue-speedcore)
GVK (industrial break/hiphop)
Electric Kettle (breakcore)
Nomex (ritual/noise/break)
Hecate & Yann Keller (freaky industrial-break)
Charlie Sensation (coldwave/electronica)
isAAAk (amiga destruction)
Mr. Honk (scrape your teeths on the floor)
Syd (exp djset)
Vendredi (industrial bootybass)
ThTh (nerdy noises)
Psykopal (chiptunes dancefloor)
Planetaldol (brokensubmarine ambiant)
South Korea Industry (industrial-noise performance)
Julien Millot (i burn my hairs performance)
D-Phaz (exp downtemp)
and more…

live visuals by:
Vidio Atak // Sans Culotte // sergio, manuella et lorenzo // Vendredi // mysh3l // Akinetik // D-Phaz // Qeve

Decoration and Exhibition by:
Gorellaume // Vendredi // Myshel // Djemija // Kuny // La Plèvre // Nostyle Fuckers

Speech about free music / open source software with:
Christoph fringeli // Tzii // Qeve

D.I.Y. Analog synth creation workshop (2 days) by Julien Millot

After and Frühstuck Sunday..

i think i gonna play some stuff in a church. i don’t know what stuff yet, might be some electronic ukulele…

satanic poster by dave 2000